How Do Dumpster Rentals Work?

How Do Dumpster Rentals Work?

When renting dumpsters there are really just 4 major things that influence your rental and pricing:

1.      Size of dumpster to rent
2.     Time of dumpster rental
3.     Debris being disposed
4.     Services included

Size of Dumpster
The size dumpster you will want to rent will be based on your project. Dumpster sizes are calculated in cubic yards.  To put it in perspective, the typical bed of a pickup truck like a Ford F150 is equivalent to 2 cubic yards  Maybe you just renovated a small bath or tore out a cement patio, the 4 yard is perfect for a small project.  Maybe you’re cleaning out the house, don’t have any real big items, then the 10 yard is the most popular.  Do you have a good size cleanout with a few big items (a couch, 2 mattresses, etc.) consider the medium 14 yard dumpster.  Lastly, maybe you’ve lived in the house for 7+ years and will be getting rid of a lot including several larger items, then the best fit is the 20 yard.  The dumpster experts at Bin There Dump That can assist you by recommending the best size when you talk them through your project.  Prices will go up as the size of the dumpster rental goes up. 

Time of Dumpster Rental
Most dumpster companies will rent for a specific period of time, typically 3, 5, 7, or 10 days.  If you are done with your project earlier, then give the dumpster company a call and they may come earlier, some may only pickup on your original pickup date.  On the other hand, if your project is taking longer than you planned you may be able to keep the dumpster longer with an additional Daily Rental Charge which is usually between $7-$20 per day. 

Debris Being Disposed
Are you just getting rid of households items, or renovation debris? Most dumpster companies will happily take care of that.  They will want you to avoid Hazardous Waste like: oils, stains, corrosives, batteries, pesticides, bio-fluids, etc.  The dumpster company should provide you with a list of items that can’t go in the dumpster.  A few companies will not allow yard waste, cement, and/or dirt.  Typically those must be in their own separate dumpsters to help with recycling.  Make sure to discuss with the company any things you may be uncertain on.  Some items can go in the dumpster but may have Additional Fees: couches, mattresses, appliances, tires, propane tanks, etc.  Tell your Bin There Dump That Dumpster Consultant about any of these items and they’ll guide you through your options.   

Service Included
Most dumpster companies include the following with your rental: Delivery / Pickup, rental, and allotted Weight Fees by dumpster size.  Make sure to ask about any additional fees so there are no surprises.

Sometimes customers are outside a company’s service territory, if so, there may be an additional Trip Charge to provide the dumpster.  Make sure to ask about this upfront. 

At Bin There Dump That we offer flat rate pricing that includes: Delivery / Pickup, rental of the bin, allotted Weight Fees paid for based on size of dumpster, 100% Driveway Board Protection, post job sweep up around the dumpster.  We will talk with you about any Additional Fee items so there are no surprises and your rental goes smoothly.   At anytime in your rental with us, you can call with questions at 616-977-1777. 


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