Why do remodelers like working with Bin There Dump That? 

Dwight Jacobsen of Jacobsen Remodeling Inc. shares why.

Dwight opened the Jacobsen Remodeling’s doors in 2000 in order to provide high quality, professional, Design Build programs for his greater Grand Rapids client’s. With focus and attention to detail, he worked in people’s homes, area businesses and churches. His clients knew they were working with a contractor who understood what is required for their home or business, as well as one who can execute the plans to their satisfaction. Jacobsen Remodeling having demonstrated they can be trusted to take care of our client’s concerns and property grew the business year after year. Dwight and his crews always made sure to keep all their work clean and safe during the project.

Dwight’s 39 years as a designer and craftsman, has been enjoyed by his clients, recognized by his peers, and featured in publications like The Grand Rapids Builder Architect, Grand Rapids Home Builder’s Parade of Remodeled Homes, and Grand Rapids Cosmopolitan Home.

Bin There Dump That - Grand Rapids began serving Jacobsen Remodeling Inc. in 2014 and we have remained partners since.   

Dwight’s thoughts on why contractors should use Bin There Dump That:

Personal service- friendly\polite\professional (background checked) staff.

Properly sized containers that fit the job site and allow for other vehicles to park closer to their work reducing subcontractors’ hassle, steps and inconvenience.

Prevent driveway surface damage with wooden boards, saving you from having to pay for or explain to the home owner how you are going to fix or pay for damage to their driveway.

Prompt delivery and pickup so there is less down time between loads and loss of profit and job production from having to handle trash multiple times.

Precise and careful placement of dumpster that maximizes your daily production time by reducing steps loading. There by minimizes potential damage to the surround building and utilities

Smaller framed single axil trucks, as opposed to the heaver double axil ones, reduce the potential damage to drive surfaces and adjacent green spaces.

Protected containers that are covered to prevent your trash from blowing out during transport to the dump.

Clean and well maintained trucks so that your jobsite is not getting bathed in hydraulic fluid, leaking black engine oil, or landfill mud!

Clean and well-maintained containers.  Your jobsite is not getting the nails and goo from someone else’s job dropped on yours.

The ease of loading because of the split rear doors on the dumpster, I can get more in one.

Careful clean up, sweeping (and magnet bar for roofing jobs), after the dumpster is loaded to pick up any fallen debris

We have always enjoyed working with Dwight, and appreciate him sharing his insights of working with Bin There Dump That through the eyes of a contractor.  


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