Why do remodelers like working with Bin There Dump That? 

Dwight Jacobsen of Jacobsen Remodeling Inc. shares why.

Dwight opened the Jacobsen Remodeling’s doors in 2000 in order to provide high quality, professional, Design Build programs for his greater Grand Rapids client’s. With focus and attention to detail, he worked in people’s homes, area businesses and churches. His clients knew they were working with a contractor who understood what is required for their home or business, as well as one who can execute the plans to their satisfaction. Jacobsen Remodeling having demonstrated they can be trusted to take care of our client’s concerns and property grew the business year after year. Dwight and his crews always made sure to keep all their work clean and safe during the project.

Dwight’s 39 years as a designer and craftsman, has been enjoyed by his clients, recognized by his peers, and featured in publications like The Grand Rapids Builder Architect, Grand Rapids Home Builder’s Parade of Remodeled Homes, and Grand Rapids Cosmopolitan Home.

Bin There Dump That - Grand Rapids began serving Jacobsen Remodeling Inc. in 2014 and we have remained partners since.   

Dwight’s thoughts on why contractors should use Bin There Dump That:

Personal service- friendly\polite\professional (background checked) staff.

Properly sized containers that fit the job site and allow for other vehicles to park closer to their work reducing subcontractors’ hassle, steps and inconvenience.

Prevent driveway surface damage with wooden boards, saving you from having to pay for or explain to the home owner how you are going to fix or pay for damage to their driveway.

Prompt delivery and pickup so there is less down time between loads and loss of profit and job production from having to handle trash multiple times.

Precise and careful placement of dumpster that maximizes your daily production time by reducing steps loading. There by minimizes potential damage to the surround building and utilities

Smaller framed single axil trucks, as opposed to the heaver double axil ones, reduce the potential damage to drive surfaces and adjacent green spaces.

Protected containers that are covered to prevent your trash from blowing out during transport to the dump.

Clean and well maintained trucks so that your jobsite is not getting bathed in hydraulic fluid, leaking black engine oil, or landfill mud!

Clean and well-maintained containers.  Your jobsite is not getting the nails and goo from someone else’s job dropped on yours.

The ease of loading because of the split rear doors on the dumpster, I can get more in one.

Careful clean up, sweeping (and magnet bar for roofing jobs), after the dumpster is loaded to pick up any fallen debris

We have always enjoyed working with Dwight, and appreciate him sharing his insights of working with Bin There Dump That through the eyes of a contractor.  

How Do Dumpster Rentals Work?

How Do Dumpster Rentals Work?

When renting dumpsters there are really just 4 major things that influence your rental and pricing:

1.      Size of dumpster to rent
2.     Time of dumpster rental
3.     Debris being disposed
4.     Services included

Size of Dumpster
The size dumpster you will want to rent will be based on your project. Dumpster sizes are calculated in cubic yards.  To put it in perspective, the typical bed of a pickup truck like a Ford F150 is equivalent to 2 cubic yards  Maybe you just renovated a small bath or tore out a cement patio, the 4 yard is perfect for a small project.  Maybe you’re cleaning out the house, don’t have any real big items, then the 10 yard is the most popular.  Do you have a good size cleanout with a few big items (a couch, 2 mattresses, etc.) consider the medium 14 yard dumpster.  Lastly, maybe you’ve lived in the house for 7+ years and will be getting rid of a lot including several larger items, then the best fit is the 20 yard.  The dumpster experts at Bin There Dump That can assist you by recommending the best size when you talk them through your project.  Prices will go up as the size of the dumpster rental goes up. 

Time of Dumpster Rental
Most dumpster companies will rent for a specific period of time, typically 3, 5, 7, or 10 days.  If you are done with your project earlier, then give the dumpster company a call and they may come earlier, some may only pickup on your original pickup date.  On the other hand, if your project is taking longer than you planned you may be able to keep the dumpster longer with an additional Daily Rental Charge which is usually between $7-$20 per day. 

Debris Being Disposed
Are you just getting rid of households items, or renovation debris? Most dumpster companies will happily take care of that.  They will want you to avoid Hazardous Waste like: oils, stains, corrosives, batteries, pesticides, bio-fluids, etc.  The dumpster company should provide you with a list of items that can’t go in the dumpster.  A few companies will not allow yard waste, cement, and/or dirt.  Typically those must be in their own separate dumpsters to help with recycling.  Make sure to discuss with the company any things you may be uncertain on.  Some items can go in the dumpster but may have Additional Fees: couches, mattresses, appliances, tires, propane tanks, etc.  Tell your Bin There Dump That Dumpster Consultant about any of these items and they’ll guide you through your options.   

Service Included
Most dumpster companies include the following with your rental: Delivery / Pickup, rental, and allotted Weight Fees by dumpster size.  Make sure to ask about any additional fees so there are no surprises.

Sometimes customers are outside a company’s service territory, if so, there may be an additional Trip Charge to provide the dumpster.  Make sure to ask about this upfront. 

At Bin There Dump That we offer flat rate pricing that includes: Delivery / Pickup, rental of the bin, allotted Weight Fees paid for based on size of dumpster, 100% Driveway Board Protection, post job sweep up around the dumpster.  We will talk with you about any Additional Fee items so there are no surprises and your rental goes smoothly.   At anytime in your rental with us, you can call with questions at 616-977-1777. 

Where can I have the dumpster placed on my property?

When providing the dumpster we want to place it in the best location to make your project easy, efficient, and safe for your project. 

The ‘footprint’ of our dumpsters, the space they take up, is about that of a typical minivan.  So if you can fit the minivan there you can fit us.  We’ll need at least 9 feet of width to drive the truck with dumpster back down the driveway.  Any wires to the house need to be at least 11 feet up in the air for our biggest dumpster the 20 yard. 

The most popular requests are straight back in front of the garage, with space for the doors to open to walk in the debris.  If you have a 2 lane wide driveway, pick left or right side for your.  If you’re coming out of a sidedoor, we’ll place the dumpster ahead of that so you come out an walk right into it.

What options do I have if I don’t want the dumpster in my driveway?

Can you place it on the street in front of my house?

Typically no, without at least a permit from the city/township.  We can pull a permit for you, it may take an extra 2-3 days to get and may cost up to an additional $125.

Can it be placed on the yard? 

No problem, just be aware that the dumpster is at least 2,000lbs and you’ll probably be putting at least another 2,000lbs of debris in it.  This could make 12 to 18 inch ruts in your yard, especially after a rainy day even with our board protection.  You’ll need to avoid any area that has a sprinkler system, septic tank, or dog fence.  With these concerns, we’ll ask you to sign a Lawn Waiver acknowledging the possible damage that could occur.  Most people skip this option

Can you place it in an alley?

Yes, we do this quite often.  As long as we don’t impede the flow of traffic in the alley, and the location for the dumpster leaves the length of the dumpster and the length of the truck to exit then it will good. 

Can you place the  dumpster inside my garage?

Yes, if your garage opening is 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall or more.  Please be aware we will not be able to put the protective boards down as we actually have to roll the dumpster in the garage.

What about that grassy space between the sidewalk and street in front of my house?

Yes, we have been able to place dumpsters there as long as the grassy space is wide enough so the dumpster doesn’t impede the sidewalk or the street. 

Can you place it under a basketball hoop?

No, basketball hoops and dumpsters do not like each other.  We’ll need to be at least 18” from the basketball hoop for safety.

Can you place the dumpster within 2 feet of my house or garage to make my roof job easier?

Yes, we do this all the time so customers can just throw straight down from the roof to save a step.

To help our customers make their cleanouts, renovations, and roofing projects easier we have placed dumpsters in all kinds of spots.  We do this to make your rental a great experience while keeping safety in mind.  If you have any concerns about your driveway or want it to be placed in a special place just let us know and we’ll do are best for you.  Give us a call at 616-977-1777.  

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Moving in Grand Rapids?   With all the good things happening in G.R. we help a lot of folks that are coming and going.  Whether you are moving in from out of state, moving just a town over, or maybe downsizing, we are here to help you. 

We often deliver dumpsters where there is a moving truck on one side of the driveway and a dumpster on the other.  Why take items you don’t want, moving is a perfect time to get rid of junk and old items you haven’t used in years. A perfect time to declutter your life. 

While packing items up for the move decide if you will need them in the new house?  Ask yourself the question, have I used this particular item lately?  Does the item still work?  Where will we place the item in the new house?

Perhaps your downsizing and don’t have room in the new house?  Renting a dumpster while moving in this scenario makes perfect sense!  Take the items you need and will use and utilize the dumpster to get rid of the rest.

We receive several calls each week from people who are moving and need help.  We have a variety of dumpster sizes to assist them:

10 yard dumpster: 
Perfect for getting rid of a lot of stuff from the house when you don’t have any big things.
When you have lived in the house just 1-5 years.

14 yard dumpster:
You have a lot of things to get rid of, and a few big pieces. Maybe 2 mattresses and a couch, for example.
When you have lived in the house for 5-10 years.

20 yard dumpster:
When cleaning out the whole house, along with several large items like a couple mattresses, 2 couches, and an appliance.
When you have lived in the house for more than 10 years.
Mom and dad are moving out and downsizing after 20+ years. 

Often times they don’t realize how much junk they have accumulated in their house over the years and only have so much room in their moving truck.  A dumpster rental could ease your burden and decision making, allowing you to take the items you need and not the junk you don’t.

So if a move is in your future compose a pre move checklist, decide what you will take, what you can donate to friends and family, and what items are junk to be disposed of! Pick the size of dumpster depending on the amount and size of items you’re disposing of.  In the end you will be much happier when moving into your new home.

Below we have listed some of the top moving companies in Grand Rapids:

Two Men & a Truck

Quick and Careful Moving

West Michigan’s Finest Movers

Big Lake Movers


When your ready to make the move and start a new chapter in your life give us a call at 616-977-1777 or email us at and we will be more than happy to help.

How to Dispose of Paint

How To Dispose Of Paint!

We are no different, everybody loves the look of a freshly painted house. However, a common question that is asked when someone is renting a dumpster is, “May I put my wet paint, or paint cans in the bin as well?”  The answer to that question is yes and no. If the paint is 100% dry, water-based (latex) it can be put directly into the dumpster.                    

Oil based paint which is considered hazardous waste, must be taken to one of the 4 collection locations in Kent County. (see the addresses and times at the bottom of this article). 

Wet paint has to be dried out and if you do not love watching paint dry, we have some tips to help speed up the process. Our tips are fairly easy and there is couple of ways of doing it.

Recommended Disposal Method 

The most popular way is to mix the wet paint with something solid and let it dry.  Kitty litter, sawdust, or newspaper are the most common items to mix in and make the paint solid.  Home Depot, Lowe’s and other home improvement stores also offer waste paint hardeners.  Just open the can, pour in one of those materials, mix them thoroughly together with a paint stick, and let it dry.  Once dry, you can place the open cans (without the lids on), into your trashcan if you have a few, or if you have several they can go in the dumpster. 

Most Cost Effective Way To Dispose Of Paint 

The easiest way is to simply let it dry out.  If it is sunny, take off the lids and place the cans in direct sunlight.  This may take some time if there is a lot of paint left in the can. To speed up this process, you can spread it out on a cardboard boxplywood, or even a section of old carpet, increasing the surface area of the paint will make it dry faster. So, whip out the can opener and paint brushes to spend a few minutes painting the items you are disposing of anyway. 

Most Environmentally Friendly Disposal
The best and most environmentally friendly way is to recycle itThere are some charities that will accept paint for their use, some of these organizations would be Boy Scouts; they tend to run on a limited budget therefore most troops may take your paint. Some other options would be Habitat for Humanity Restore ( which takes in reusable construction and painting materials to build houses for those in need. RepcoLite paint stores also accept latex paint free of charge. ( 

If you rent a dumpster from Bin There Dump That Grand Rapids, you are allowed to dispose of water-based paint using the methods described above. We can reached at 616-977-1777, or email us at

For oil based paints, considered hazard waste, you can schedule an appointment to drop them off free of charge at one of 4 collection sites by calling Kent County Dept. of Public Works at 616-632-7920.

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Rockford: 2908 10 Mile Rd. NE, Rockford 49341     April – Oct., Fri 8:30-11:30am

                                                                                  Nov – March, Fri 8:30-10:30am

Wyoming: 2350 Ivanrest Ave. SW, Wyoming 49418   All Year, Mon 1:00-3:00pm

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